Hello. My name is Anya, and I build websites. Darn good ones:

Anya Zolotusky is a Seattle area Web Designer specializing in elegant, aesthetic, and highly useable websites for small businesses of all kinds. Please click here for a PDF ResumePDF doc or browse the featured sites below designed for mountain climbers, realtors, chefs, doctors, architects, do-gooder lawyers, and others who wanted a website their clients would love.

Almost Paradise Lodging, Ashford »
  Original design and build, launched 2014
  Built with responsive code to accomodate mobile,
  hand-held devices. Ongoing maintenance.

Densmore Gardens, Seattle »
  Original design and build, launched 2012
  Built with responsive code to accomodate mobile,
  hand-held devices. Ongoing maintenance.

Mike Hamill's Climbing the Seven Summits »
  Custom responsive Wordpress site launched 2012.
  Maintained internally.

Wild Ginger Software »
  Build only from custom design launched 2012
  Built with responsive code to accomodate mobile,
  hand-held devices. Maintained internally.

Mutual Fund Observer »
  Customized Wordpress redesign launched 2011.
  Maintained internally.

Edward Evans Art »
  Custom responsive Wordpress site launched 2011

Chefs McCracken & Tough »
  Original responsive design launched 2011.
  Maintained internally.

Fremont Peak Apartments »
  Original design launched 2010; Built in Drupal

Snow Creek Technology Law »
  Customized Wordpress Site launched 2010

Northwest Mountain School »
  Original design launched 2008

Rohleder Borges Architecture »
  Full responsive redesign 2013. Ongoing maintenance.

Snohomish County Fire District 21 »
  Custom responsive Wordpress site launched 2013.
  Maintained internally.

Gerrard Beattie & Knapp »
  Custom website and logo design launched 2010.
  Maintained internally.

Benjamin Chotzen, Realtor »
  Full Redesign launched 2009. Ongoing maintenance.

International Mountain Guides »
  Full redesign launched 2006. Ongoing maintenance.

The Spellman Company, Seattle PR Firm »
  Build only; Launched 2008. Ongoing maintenance.

Alaska Mountaineering School »
  Build only; launched 2008. Ongoing maintenance.

The Darn Good Farm, Arlington, WA »
  Original design launched 2008. Ongoing maintenance.

Susan Ershler, Climber & Keynote Speaker »
  Full redesign launched 2007. Ongoing maintenance.

Nicki Branch, Seven Summits Climber »
  Original design launched 2007

FalconRidge Equine Rescue, Inc. »
  Pro-bono site launched 2007

Law Office of Jo-Hanna Read »
  Original design launched 2006